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KNOT TITE® FILM POLYPROPYLENE ROPE                                       KNOT TITE® 3-strand twisted film polypropylene rope is the perfect general purpose rope. As the name suggests, it holds a knot better than traditional monofilament polypropylene, and has all of the advantages of polypropylene, good acid and chemical resistance, rot resistant, low stretch, and low water absorption. Standard colors are yellow and tan. Other colors available upon request, minimums apply. Tan colored KNOT TITE® twisted rope is the synthetic replacement for manila rope. An excellent product for decorative applications and on projects where a traditional look is desired.
PREMIUM MONOFILAMENT POLYPROPYLENE                                (available in 3-STRAND TWISTED and 8-STRAND)                              Polypropylene is the lightest and most economical synthetic rope, with approximately twice the tensile strength of manila. Polypropylene rope will not rot or mildew, is resistant to most chemicals and acids, floats in salt and fresh water, and can be stored wet. Standard color is yellow with a black tracer. Other colors available through special order. Diameters below 1 1/2" diameter are constructed using a three stage process and 1 1/2" diameter and above are a four stage plied yarn construction. Premium polypropylene meets or exceeds Cordage Institute specifications.  
POLYLITE MONOFILAMENT 3-STRAND TWISTED POLYPROPYLENE   A 100% monofilament polypropylene twisted rope. Filament for this rope is extruded at Orion from virgin poly resins. This rope is engineered in an economy weight for non-critical industrial applications. Polypropylene is the most economical synthetic fiber.  
POLYPROPYLENE 3-STRAND TWISTED TRUCK ROPE                              A 100% monofilament polypropylene twisted rope. Filament for this rope is extruded at our facility from virgin poly resins. Good UV resistance. Black with one orange tracer in each strand.  

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